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Oct 30, 2017

In 1603, William Shakespeare wrote a play called Measure for Measure, a dark comedy about law, justice, mercy, and forgiveness. Critical responses to the play have been mixed. The great critic Harold Bloom has said Measure for Measure is one of Shakespeare’s “most fascinating and enigmatic” plays. On the other hand, the poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge said it was “the most painful” of Shakespeare’s plays. But what’s the story about? What does the play dramatize or convey? And how might the play illuminate our own lives and the world in which we live today?

Hosted by David Arndt, Lecturer, Collegiate Seminar and Tutor, Integral Liberal Arts

With Hilda Ma, Professor of English, Ellen Rigsby, Professor of Communication and Director, Collegiate Seminar, and Eric Ting, Artistic Director, California Shakespeare Theatre